Tomahawk Floats

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Tomahawk Floats are designed with low drag and have smooth handling characteristics.
Landing on the water is only the most obvious advantage of the Tomahawk Floats. 
When you add Tomahawk floats to an aircraft not exceeding gross carrying capacity there
is minimal speed penalty at normal cruise speeds. 
Tomahawk Floats open a whole new world of landing possibilities and flying adventures!


Length - 12.75 ft  Weight - approximately 65 lb per set of two floats
         Retractable Gear weight - 40 lb (optional)
         Approximate weight increases: straight floats 15 lb,amphibious 55 lbs
         floats & retractable system 105 lb Maximum takeoff weight-1100 lb
Straight floats      $4600.00 installed*
Amphibious floats    $5800.00 installed*
Disc brakes           $750.00 installed*
50% deposit to start project.
30% non refundable
Inquiries to Treat Rayner
P.O. Box 1844 Minneola, FL 34755
407-435-1812 or 352-243-9626
Email: Treat Rayner

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